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A blend of 35 years of experience, fresh ideas and attention to customer service.

Salisbury Construction Service provides consulting services through planning, construction and post-construction phases of institutional, multi-family, commercial and industrial projects, including cost estimating, conducting forensic investigations, such as construction defects, and acting as owner’s representative.


Cost Estimates
Code Issues
Job Analysis
Bid Evaluation
Construction Means & Methods
Job Costing Accounting
Safety Issues
Job Scheduling

Payment Evaluation
Change Order Analysis
Progress Documentation/Photos
Meditation / Umpire
Forensic Investigation
Accident Review
Construction Expert Witness

Why Use a General Contractor

Many potential clients are unfamiliar with the difference between an engineer and a general contractor and, therefore, hire an engineer when a general contractor might be more appropriate for the construction problem.

Engineers should always be hired when there is a question about design; however, a general contractor is normally much more familiar with the construction process and techniques than an engineer.  Remember that building a building is completely different from designing it — Designing is on paper; building is on property.  When you have a problem with your car, do you go to the person who designed it or do you contact the people who fix it and get it running again?


Over 500 completed construction projects, including commercial, institutional, industrial, residential and multi-family.

G. Robert Salisbury III has a stellar reputation as a construction consultant. He has advised on over 500 cases, split approximately 30/70 Plaintiff/Defense. Read more.

Confidence (Yours)

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We care about our clients, whether business owners, construction companies or attorneys. We work hard to satisfy you, our valued customer.